What is Beachbody Coaching from the Business Perspective

**this is just to put this business in perspective**
Interviewing for 1 New Spot at the Top of my Organization,
Read what I post below and if you would like more information then please apply and I will review the applicants:
“The magic of What we do as coaches is built on part-time effort… You work 5 to 10 hours a week without sacrificing your existing pay check. But leveraging that extra 5 to 10 hours can produce tremendous rewards. In addition to the accomplishment of HELPing many people get healthy and FIT!
Consider the following offer:
Remember, in the corporate structure (Day Job) you (Or your Spouse) invest 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life to retire on 40% of what you were making.
So what if your boss asked you this. “I’d like you to put in an extra 5 hours a week. I’m not going to pay you anything extra for those 5 hours until 2 years from now. You must make a promise to do exactly what I tell you to on a daily basis for 2 years. Very simple tasks like talking to 2 people a day, listening to a conference call once a week, reading 10 pages in a good book once a day, sending out a couple of emails every week, attend a training once a month and share some success stories. All you have to do are these simple things consistently for 104 weeks in a row regardless of results for two years. If you say yes, I’ll let you retire in 2 years making 100% of what you’re making now for the rest of your life”.
What would you think of the offer?
Would you take it?
Answer these four questions:
1. You understand that if you miss one week, you will have to start your 2 years over again. You have to start from zero. Would you ever miss a week?
2. Would your spouse after two months encourage you to continue or to quit?
3. What if, in your 9th week, the routine became boring, would you risk changing it, knowing that if your boss found out, you would have to start all over again?
4. What if it took longer than two years? What if the offer were for 3 years or 5 years? Would you be willing?
I suspect it would be the easiest decision you have ever made and you would stick it out. You’d think you have the best boss in the world, you work for the greatest company, and you have an amazing offer… because you can retire in 2 years by simply doing simple activities daily that in the act of doing them by themselves make no difference… but compounded over 2 years allows you to retire and live your dreams.
What would you start thinking? Would you start planning for what you really want to do in life after two years? Would you start a countdown? “In just 86 weeks I can start doing what I really want to do.” With this kind of offer, these two years would probably be the most stress-free years of your life.
This offer exists with a good network marketing product\service. The rest is up to YOU.”