Why Move your Workout Outdoors

With Spring well on its way have you considered taking your workout to outside? We all know that you should be getting in your daily dose of fitness to enhance your mood, confidence, appearance, energy level and etc. Have you thought about the benefits of taking your workout outdoors? Fresh green grass, birds chirping and flying around, squirrels running by, beautiful blooming flowers, OH and the Fresh Air. Plants create Oxygen and we need oxygen and plenty of it when we are panting and channeling our inner track star. The Sun is another refreshing benefit to being outside. So many people actually suffer from Depression due to lack of sunlight in our lives. The sun can brighten your day and your mood. Vitamin D given to us from the sun light is a natural source of vitamins. Did you know that Vitamin D actually has been linked with optimizing hormones that assists in weight management? Also, sun light promotes faster healing and less pain. A study, I can’t remember where, said that 20 minutes of outdoor exercise was equalivent to a cup of coffee. On top of having Fresh Oxygen, New Sounds and Smells, you also experience New Sights. While being outside you will see all the beautiful landscapes, blooming trees, other people working to better their lives. That alone should be enough to drive you to keep going but if not then think of how greenery makes you feel, the warmth of the sun, I love getting in a workout outdoors. Being outside feeling the wind blow, either helping me up the hill or making me push myself just a little harder, what a great feeling either way. Fellow Health Enthusiast walking by with a smile on their face, I get to be deep in thought with myself and focus on things I normally wouldn’t have the time to do. So the next time you don’t want to do a workout, look outside, is the sun shining, if so then grab your shoes and head out that door. Walk, Run, Jog, Go

Get your Family involved, go for a Bike ride or heck just grab your labtop or phone and go do Beachbody on Demand, with a Club Membership you choose a program and get to work living a happy healthier life.