Life’s Importances

As a teenager, or young adult, the ideas of what was important in life were definitely distorted.  At that age we tend to think life will last forever, and what we do right then and there will not harm or really affect us.  In high school I used to be a normal teenage girl, good grades, active in sports and other school activities, and we drank almost every weekend.  I was self-absorbed, appeared to have high self-esteem but really it was just all an act.   Inside I had no self-esteem, I starved myself just so I could appear to be thin and beautiful.  Not the best way to go about being Healthy.  I ran a minimum of 3 miles a day to burn off all those calories I had eaten that day (baked potato, salad, maybe some pretzels), honestly all my calories from then came from alcohol but as a kid I didn’t count those, you just pee them out…..Naive…..So yes I did lots of damage to my self as a young adult, and this continued on through College.

My eating did get better but I still drank too much and worked out excessively, you know heaven for bid I gain any weight.  To move out of this unhealthy stage you would have to advance to when I got pregnant with my first child.  Yes I was married and we were happy and ready to start a family, so the drinking stopped, and I really began to notice what true health, responsibility and Family meant.  I had taken so many things during my life for granted.  My wonderfully inspiring and heroic Mother, my father who did everything he could do possible for his family, my brother who always was there for me, even my sweet dog who was with me day and night.  Now I had a husband who loved me and I loved him and we were bringing into this world another person….Fear and Excitement ran through me.  I only hoped I could be half the mother I had growing up, but no matter what I was determined to be the best mother and being I could be for  this little guy.

So my Health Journey began, after he was born I tried counting calories but that wasn’t working for me, I tried something new Pilates, but honestly that wasn’t for me either.  I loved to run, but with a little one with me at all times, and my husband working the evening shift, I didn’t have a chance to make it out and run.  So I struggled with being a first time mom, gaining a ton of weight, and for the first time in my life wishing I could go back to the size of the girl I used to think was fat.  3 years past and with me struggling the whole way with motherhood,  weight, trying to find workout that would help me, and developing a possible gluten allergy, I joined a gym to try to get back to feeling like me.

Once again we decided to have another child and I got pregnant with a beautiful baby girl.  At the beginning I was worried I would lose her b/c of some stress I was under and I had quit the gym due to fear of harming her in anyway.  Later with this pregnancy I developed gestational diabetes and had to watch everything I ate and drank, plus went to using the elliptical with DR permission.  I still managed to gain a ton of weight, not ever losing everything from the first pregnancy, but it didn’t matter b/c I had two beautiful children.  Once things got settled down around month 6 (she cried and never slept until then), then I wanted to focus on trying to get healthy.  So I went back to counting calories, and really not getting anywhere.

However God had other plans and when she was a little over a year old, I found out I was expecting again.  This time we would have another little boy, but during this pregnancy I ate pretty well and was able to run almost to the very end.  We were blessed with 3 wonderful, talented, beautiful children, and I would not have changed a thing.  My body changed plenty, my mind and soul changed throughout too, and as hard it was I would do it all again the exact same way just to end up where I am today.

About a year ago I found Beachbody.  I saw these infomercials about Insanity, and well after a couple of times of watching I couldn’t resist.  I started the program and had good results.  I also joined an online accountability group with some friends who were also trying to be healthy happy mothers, and had luck with that as well.  After checking into Beachbody and knowing what results I had with them, and knowing the struggles I had been through to get my body back to some what normal, I decided it was time for me to join them and help out many others who were struggling with life, family, confidence, and happiness.

My point for all of this is that in the beginning I thought I was doing what was important by worrying about my image, and not the journey.   However it is the journey that is the most important of all, each step taken has gotten me to where I am today.  So I am grateful for that Naive young girl who did a lot wrong, and college girl who continued on that path, and for the mother and father who never gave up on me and turned me into the wonderful, loving parent I am today.  I am thrilled to have found my calling as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and life coach.  Through all challenge comes change.  I challenge you not to be scared of change but embrace it, strive for it.  Be the best you, YOU can be…