Teaching the Children about the Holiday Spirit and Helping those in Need

This Holiday Season we wanted to change things up around our home.  Our children are loved and blind when it comes to how the world really operates or what other families go through.  Families who may not have a Happy Holiday Season with family unless they receive a little assistance or Hope for Christmas.  With this weighing heavily on our hearts and minds, we decided it was time for our children to learn what the true meaning of Christmas was.  {And yes they do know the true meaning of the Birth of Jesus} I want them to know the spirit of what Jesus stands for and how this affects all involved.

We talked about having the kids give up one of their toys, but what is that going to teach them….  Then we talked about just buying new toys and dropping them off into the donation box, but again what are they learning from that.  I mean both are nice and great ways to help out your community, but not exactly what I wanted my children to experience.

So my husband and I decided we were going to show/teach our children how good their lives are and hoping they will soak in the feeling of how GREAT you feel when you help someone.  With this in mind, I searched and happened to stumble across a number, that for some reason I just had to call.  I spoke with a lovely woman who has started a program for families who experience a house fire.  She and some volunteers store everything they can get their hands on to help families in their time of need.  During the Holidays though she also runs Hope for Christmas, which helps any family that falls through the cracks, meaning the government won’t give them any kind of support but they have fallen on Really hard times.  After speaking with her I knew this is what we needed to do, so we went and found a family we wanted to adopt for Christmas.  This particular family has been going through a really sad time and there are 4 wonderful children around our children’s ages.  After talking it over we decided this was the family we needed to help, it was like God directed me right to this Redemption Program and to this family.  We can only hope that we can provide some kind of healing for them during this holiday season, hopefully a little kindness may help to mend a small part of their souls.  Providing a  little Hope for the Holidays….a few needed smiles and some laughter to a family who needs it.  What this family doesn’t know is that they will providing us with something too, a sense of good will towards man, and a valuable lesson for our family.  I will let you all know how this goes, but I imagine it will be quite emotional, and Amazing.

I am not for sure what I like the most, helping out a family who needs some cheer and hope, my family learning a wonderful lesson or getting to deliver the present to a family who is so grateful to know others do care.  My family will not get to know the actual family we are buying for this Christmas, but we do get the honor of helping to deliver to some of the other families.  I believe the look on their faces when we show up with some Help, will be enough to change my families perspective.  Hopefully allowing them to be more open-minded and grateful for everything in their lives, along with being more kind and genuine toward others.  I believe we have started a Wonderful New Family Tradition……I am so Proud to be a part of this Tiberghien crew…